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Welcome to the Fit-In Fitness page, home of the world’s most versatile portable trainer. The Portable Trainer is the most innovative product the fitness industry has ever seen. Fit-In Fitness, LLC and R2FACT Product Development collaborated to create this amazingly compact and versatile product. What we’ve created as a portable fitness product is remarkable. With three essential products in just two parts that combine balance, strength, step, body weight and core training, this product is un-rivaled. Before the Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer, you could not obtain this type of workout without incorporating many more pieces of expensive exercise equipment, but we have fixed that problem and managed to combine it all into one compact unit.



Hi, I’m Jason, a fitness trainer and inventor of the Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer. The idea for the Portable Trainer came about when I was training a client in a small fitness studio. This particular client had a few demands: to exercise outside, to use a variety of equipment, and to incorporate balance/core training. I simply couldn’t easily transport everything we needed. That’s when the light-bulb went on that I needed a functional training device that would also serve as a portable storage unit. Knowing that there weren’t any products that encompassed all of these features already, I realized it was up to me to create one!

I wanted to create more than just an innovative piece of fitness equipment. Fit-In Fitness isn’t just the name of the business, it’s the mission statement: to help people fit in fitness. I am fearful of where this country is headed regarding obesity rates, especially amongst our nation’s youth, and I want to create a lifestyle brand to promote a fitness mindset that in-turn leads to physical movement.


Fit-In Fitness started out as a crude wooden prototype and has transformed into the durable product you see today:

Fit-In Fitness history

What the funds are for

For the past four years, I have been able to fund the design, development, and prototyping phases. The next step is converting to the tooling needed for large production runs. Your pledge will help fund the aluminum tooling and first production run.

If I can reach my goal, we (you and me) can bring a product to market that far surpasses the competition. We can bring a brand to life that can inspire people to fit in a workout and change the course this country is headed.


Fit-In Fitness FeaturesStep

Integrate cardio with resistance
training on the stable platform


Integrate side-to-side balance training
to engage core muscles while
sculpting and toning lean muscle


Integrate 360º balance training for an
advanced combination of cardio, core,
and strength training


Use resistance band’s variable
features to increase or decrease
tension by sliding feet in or out.
Attachment site for Rotational Core Training


Place resistance bands in multiple
locations to vary workouts, increase
intensity, and move quickly from one
exercise to the next


Hollow cavity allows storage of
small training equipment &
accessories for ideal portability

With the Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer you now have all the tools necessary to get in the best shape of your life anytime, anywhere.”
Jason Richard, fitness trainer

training benefits


Fit-In Fitness rewards and perks


Fit-In Fitness training methods

Three progressively more difficult platforms to train, allows you to take your workouts to the next level.

levels of difficulty

“The Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer was designed to meet all of today’s popular training methods.” Jason Richard, fitness trainer”

Strength Training

Integrate free weights and resistance bands to build strength. When more resistance is needed, clip two or more resistance bands onto the handles provided.

strength training

Bodyweight and Balance Training

Perform body weight exercises to tone and sculpt muscle. Keep your body guessing by switching between the three platforms.

bodyweight and balance

Training on an unstable platform activates core muscles to stabilize the body. Combined with a rocker board and wobble board, your balance training needs are fully met.


Circuit Training

Designed to move quickly and easily from one muscle group to the next. Choose to integrate resistance bands or free-weights at any time.

circuit training
Resistance bands can be placed in the same locations on all 3 platforms

Interval Training

From high intensity to short rest periods, easily and effectively integrate intervals. For added intensity and muscle confusion, quickly switch between the three platforms during your rest breaks. Great for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), such as Tabata.

interval training

“It’s not just the endless amount of exercises you can do with the Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer, but the number of different training methods you can work out with that separates it from all other fitness products.”
Jason Richard, fitness trainer


Weighted-Movement Training

The 10 lb. Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer has multiple holding locations for carrying, pushing, pulling, and lifting to combine strength training while moving across a set distance. For added resistance, place weights inside rocker board.


Core Rotational Training

Attach one or more resistance bands to an anchor point and the Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer for a full-body workout combined with core rotational movements to enhance speed and agility that powers through abdominal and oblique strength.

core rotational training

Work Out Video

“The Fit-In Fitness innovative design allows you to combine hundreds of exercises for the most effective full-body workout a portable product has ever offered.” Jason Richard, fitness trainer

Who is the Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer for?

where to use

Not every client is the same. Be prepared with a product that is adaptable to your client’s fitness level. This product allows you to show your creative side with tons of un-discovered exercise variations. Take your workouts anywhere with the portable Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer!

Create a time-effective workout full of variety, supersets, and combination exercises. The Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer comes in handy on the gym floor when all those pieces of equipment are taken!

where you can use it

From big-box fitness centers to small training studios, affordably provide the latest innovation in fitness. Offer your members more exercises than any other portable product while taking up less space. Your functional training rooms won’t be complete without it!

Get a full-body workout in the confines of your home, office, apartment, or dorm room and never have to purchase another piece of fitness equipment again!


the brand

The mission of Fit-In Fitness is simple: Help people live an active lifestyle.

With our straight-forward approach, we aim to be the symbol for motivation and encouragement of fitness activity while providing fitness equipment that physically embodies the Fit-In Fitness mission.

“Fit-In Fitness: For the un-fit to get moving. For the fit to keep moving”

Resistance Bands

48 inch resistant bands

48 inch resistant bands

26 inch length bands

26 inch length bands

These bands are ideally used for seated exercises (seated shoulder press), bent over exercises (bent over row), lying down exercises (bench press or flyes), or for when tension is needed below the knee, such as with a deadlift. These bands are also perfect for any shorter range-of-motion exercises.

Note: The Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer is compatible with nearly every type of resistance band tubing on the market.


This is the first fitness product to combine a stepper, rocker board, and wobble board into one compact unit!!!

Professionally designed by industrial designers and mechanical engineers, we have undergone the necessary testing and Finite Element Analysis to withstand up to a 250 lb. person.

Weight: 10 lbs
Supports up to 250 lbs
High Strength ABS Plastic

stepper, walker, wobble board

resistance bands

48” resistance bands: Light, Medium, Heavy* 26” resistance bands: Light, Medium, Heavy*


Risks and Challenges

Our greatest challenge right now is the timing involved in producing the aluminum tooling and approving samples from our manufacturer. We have calculated this time into our Estimated Timeline and are prepared to do everything necessary to meet our estimated shipping date.


Major: Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Sport & Fitness Mgmt. from the University of Kansas
Minor: Business

For more on the initial development of the Fit-In Fitness, including a Q&A with Jason, visit:

The Future of Fit-In Fitness

Fit-In Fitness, LLC is working hard to make the flagship product, the Portable Trainer, a success. When this product launches successfully, there will be some exciting product extensions, new products, and ideas in the works to further the innovation in functional training products.

Estimated Timeline

December-February: Crowd funding campaign
March-April: Produce Molds
April-May: Production
June: Begin shipping to your doorstep!


Fit-In Fitness exercises

exercises image


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